Creating Better Customer Experiences with Calabrio ONE

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Contact centers were once perceived by organizations as “cost centers”– a department that does not directly generate revenue yet still costs money to run. But with the customer experience gaining momentum and becoming every brand’s top priority, contact centers have undergone an exciting metamorphosis. Initially viewed as simply the department that handles and responds to customer complaints, contact centers have turned and grown to become the epicenter of the customer experience with the ability to generate customer insights and cultivate positive, long-term customer relationships.

For businesses to unlock the full potential of their contact centers, however, it is crucial to have the right people and to equip these agents with the right strategies and technologies. One such technology geared towards assisting contact center agents is workforce optimization (WFO).

In this article, Tom Goodmanson, President and CEO of Calabrio, a leading provider of customer engagement and analytics software, talks about how WFO can help contact centers transform their business and create better customer experiences, and shares how Calabrio One, an integrated WFO software suite, can help organizations propel their business forward.

What is Workforce Optimization?

Workforce optimization (WFO) is a software suite that brings together call recording, quality management (QM), workforce management (WFM), and other call center technologies into one platform in order to help monitor call center performance. WFO technology is incredibly valuable for today’s enterprises because it empowers agents with critical insights and information that allows them to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

While WFM is about creating the most efficient workforce possible, its benefits go far beyond efficiency,” said Goodmanson. “Smart brands know that a great customer experience is rooted in an engaged workforce who can get to the root of how customers feel about operations, marketing, and the brand, itself. Creating an engaged workforce that can cultivate those relationships not only promotes customer loyalty, brands can use this information to direct strategies across the organization, not just within the contact center.”

In addition to gaining a better understanding of customers, WFO also allows managers to better understand their teams. According to Goodmanson, “Workforce technology and insights allow managers to understand the reasons behind performance, which helps them coach agents through difficult times and also implement best practices across the department.”

“When you combine flexibility with timely performance analysis and the ability to give agents the resources they need, it becomes a comprehensive strategy to engage and motivate contact center teams,” he added.

Modernizing the Contact Center with WFO

Transforming the contact center and equipping it with better, more advanced technologies in order to remain competitive isn’t easy for some organizations, says Goodmanson. “Many brands continue to rely on antiquated systems because the rip and replace process can be overwhelming,” he said. “However, it’s important to look at the long-term benefits of modernizing the contact center.” To be effective and truly meet customers’ expectations, Goodmanson believes that technology is key, and brands shouldn’t put the decision off for the sake of short-term convenience.calabrio workforce management optimization laptop user interface

When choosing a WFO solution, Goodmanson says that it’s important to look for flexibility, scalability, and the option to easily move to a cloud-based platform. He also believes that selecting the right solution goes far beyond the technology: it’s also incredibly important for businesses to find a vendor who will act as a partner and therefore help the contact center get the most out of the technology. This is because contact centers today are running lean, and may not always have the time or the resources to maximize the technology they’ve deployed. Businesses would benefit more by partnering with a vendor that does more than just sell a client a product or offer traditional support and upgrades. By partnering with a vendor, the vendor can make sure to understand a select customer’s business model and goals, and then design a plan that provides value to the brand, its customers and the bottom line. Calabrio, one of the trusted customer engagement software companies in the market, aims to be the partner that modern contact centers need.

Deliver Outstanding Customer Experiences with Calabrio ONE

To revolutionize the way organizations engage and interact with their customers, Calabrio offers Calabrio ONE, an integrated WFO software suite that allows contact centers to capture a single view of the customer and analyze customer interactions to improve the customer experience. The suite includes call recording, quality management, workforce management, advanced reporting and ‘voice-of-the-customer’ analytics. Calabrio ONE is not simply intuitive: it modernizes the contact center to fuel top line center agents using different channels

“We designed our solution with both customers and employees in mind, because we know the importance of having healthy relationships with both,” shared Goodmanson. “When brands have that 360-degree visibility into how their agents are performing and how their customers are feeling, they can make informed, data-driven decisions that benefit the business as a whole, not just the contact center.”

The key features of Calabrio ONE include:

Call recording – Capture every call, each and every time. Easily search recordings to resolve disputes, show adherence, and mitigate risk.

Quality management – Capture and evaluate every interaction (calls, emails, chats, and social media) for customer service quality.

Workforce management – This feature lets managers streamline scheduling and administration, so they can focus on adding value.

Calabrio Analytics – Unlock the goldmine of intelligence with sophisticated speech, desktop and text analytics.

Advanced reporting – Understand customers with customer experience reporting and research.

According to Goodmanson: “Calabrio ONE is always a work in progress, and that’s because it’s rooted in feedback directly from our customers. We’re constantly hosting events, such as Calabrio Customer Connect (C3) conferences and customer user groups, and collecting customer feedback because we want to learn from the people who are using the product every day, and every release is packed with new features and functionality that are a direct result of those sessions.”

Learn more about Calabrio and how they are transforming customer experience by visiting Calabrio’s website.


About Calabrio

Calabrio is a leading provider of customer engagement and analytics software. Founded in 2007, Calabrio has grown to 400 employees and are headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota with offices across North America, Europe and Asia. With more than 4,500 customers worldwide, Calabrio has become the fastest-growing company in workforce optimization (WFO) and customer engagement.

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