Every Disney Prince, Ranked By What A Useless Fuccboi They Are

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Disney princes are supposed to be heroes, white knights in shining armor who rush in and save the fragile, victimized princesses from evil queens, sinister spells, and other formidable fates. Unfortunately, all the princes are total fuccbois. What is a fuccboi? According to Urban Dictionary, fuccbois are "the lowest possible form of the vile, degenerate waste pouring from the proverbial *sshole of society." Now, that’s not terribly descriptive, but anyone who has ever dated a fuccboi knows it is actually pretty forgiving.

Fuccbois are players. They’re the kind of people who will only date you if you don’t tell anyone you’re dating. They usually exhibit signs of dating multiple people – like when you hang out, you probably notice that they’re Snapchatting random girls and moving their phone screen from your line of view. Fuccbois are often shallow, shady, materialistic, and vaguely sexist. Basically, they’re everything a Disney Prince should not be. 

From the original Prince, who only bothered to show up in two scenes of Snow White, to John Smith, who’s totally willing to date a person of color as long as it’s in secret, Disney’s men of royalty lack substance, subtly, and spines. Their selfish and egotistical personalities are why Disney princes would be terrible boyfriends. Do you agree? Make your voice known by voting up Disney’s biggest fuccbois below. 

Every Disney Prince, Ranked By What A Useless Fuccboi They Are
Source: http://www.ranker.com/

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