How RightScale Optima Helps Businesses Optimize Cloud Usage

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The digital revolution has made it possible for businesses to speed up communications, simplify workflows, make updates in real time, and gain full visibility of their collaborations using innovative technology solutions such as the voice over internet protocol (VoIP) and cloud communications. And cloud-based software, applications, tools, and solutions have started to dominate the voice and telecom space, bringing businesses numerous advantages.

Recently, a leading provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) for cloud computing management, RightScale, has rolled out their cutting-edge collaborative cloud cost management and optimization platform to help organizations reduce cloud costs across the entire enterprise. With RightScale Optima, business leaders and IT teams can get instant access to a portfolio of public, private, and hybrid cloud services across business units and development teams while maintaining enterprise control.

In the following article, Michael Crandell, the CEO of Rightscale, explains to Voip-info how businesses can best utilize the cloud and cloud-based solutions in order to both boost business communications and save money on their overall communication costs.

Rising to the Challenge of Cloud Cost Optimization

Moving to the cloud opens doors of opportunities for businesses (especially given its mobility and productivity benefits), but leveraging this solution can also be a daunting task, especially when it comes to managing cloud workloads and controlling costs.

As companies move to the cloud, it is crucial for businesses to carefully monitor and manage applications, data, and services running in the cloud with the use of a robust collaborative cloud management and optimization platform. Through RightScale Optima, organizations of all sizes can efficiently manage, govern, and optimize cloud workloads while enhancing collaboration and reducing costs.michael crandell ceo and founder of RightScale

“As the first cloud expense solution designed as a collaborative platform, RightScale Optima combines automated action and cost-saving recommendations with extensive cost reporting to help businesses ensure that they can realize savings opportunities,” said Crandell. “Our decade of experience with multi-cloud management and automation has enabled us to design a unique solution to streamline and automate cloud cost optimization.”

Optimizing Cloud Usage and Reducing Costs with RightScale Optima

The rate at which businesses have adopted cloud services has led to difficulties in controlling the costs of using this solution. In fact, according to the RightScale 2017 State of the Cloud report, an estimated 30 to 45 percent of cloud users are wasting their spend.

“Because cloud use in the enterprise is decentralized, the biggest challenge in reducing cloud costs is the need for tight collaboration between cloud governance teams and the teams that own the cloud resources,” said Torsten Volk, the Managing Research Director at analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). “EMA research shows that organizations are aware of this requirement, with organizations identifying ‘Collaboration’ as the most significant area for cost savings.”

In order for businesses to reduce cloud spend across the entire enterprise, they need to employ a robust collaborative cloud cost management and optimization solution. Built on the foundation of RightScale’s existing reporting, cost analysis, and forecasting capabilities, RightScale Optima delivers the following benefits to businesses:user interface of rightscale on laptop

  • Quick Return on Investment (ROI): RightScale Optima provides smart and efficient cost optimization recommendations across clouds and cloud accounts. This way, businesses have the capacity to identify cost-saving opportunities for each resource and team.
  • Improved Noise-reduction: RightScale Optima allows resource owners to easily tag recommendations that should be ignored and prevent future alerts.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: By using this standalone collaborative cloud cost management solution, businesses can efficiently assign optimization recommendations to resource owners and seamlessly deliver tailored alerts and reports.
  • Automated Action: Enterprise users can enable push-button execution of recommendations by resource owners and ongoing policy-based automation through the RightScale Optima.
  • Enterprise-wide Coordination: RightScale Optima has the capacity to track progress on implementing optimization recommendations at the team or enterprise level.

Aside from this, RightScale also works closely with enterprise customers to help optimize their cloud usage. “We reviewed data from our recent cost optimization projects and found that cloud users can reduce their cloud spend on average by 35 percent,” said Kim Weins, the Vice President of Marketing at RightScale. “By leveraging all the power of the RightScale platform, customers can identify waste, take automated action, and implement policies to prevent waste going forward.”

Plus, through their Cloud Cost Optimization Service, RightScale helps recommend and implement strategies and actions to help businesses increase their cost-saving opportunities by analyzing more than 37 aspects of cloud spend that include the following: instance utilization, storage waste, tagging, and a review of discounting options such as AWS Reserved Instances.

RightScale Optima is available as a standalone product or included as part of the company’s Cloud Management Platform. For more information about RightScale Optima and how this solution helps reduce costs and enhance collaboration, visit RightScale’s website.


About RightScale

RightScale is a leading provider of software as a service for cloud computing management. Headquartered in Santa Barbara, RightScale helps businesses to accelerate the delivery of cloud-based solutions that drive revenue while optimizing cloud usage to reduce costs and risks. Established in 2007, the company has been helping businesses succeed with their comprehensive services and solutions that include innovative cloud management platform, multi-cloud governance, container management, cloud brokering, self-service IT, and more.

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