Moxtra Offers a Fresh Take on Team Collaboration

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In today’s fast-paced and highly-challenging business environment, companies need their teams to work faster, perform smarter, and function more productively. But achieving these goals is not an easy feat, and requires a reliable communication system and good inter-office collaboration. It also means building a company culture that values innovation, strong communication, and collaboration.

Fortunately, when it comes to collaboration, organizations have easy access to a plethora of tools and technologies that help foster team collaboration and empower the workforce. One of these is Moxtra. Created by the co-founder and former CEO of WebEx, Subrah Iyar, in conjunction with former Senior Director of Engineering at WebEx and Cisco, Stanley Huang, Moxtra is an embeddable cloud collaboration platform for the mobile era.

In this article, Matthias Broner, the Head of Product Marketing at Moxtra, talks about how modern teams can enhance collaboration and shares with SourceForge how Moxtra is offering a fresh take on collaboration with their innovative solutions.

Enhancing Collaboration for Modern Teams

Ensuring successful teamwork and effective collaboration is so much more than just making sure team members work together on a project in the same corporate workplace at the same time. Thanks to the cloud and the growing number of collaboration tools, the physical distance between team members no longer defines success nor hinders teams from collaborating with one another. It has expanded the capabilities of individuals to work from any location and still have easy access to all of the tools, experts, documents, and resources that they need to perform and excel.matthias broner product marketing at moxtra

“The rise of cloud and mobile computing has freed the worker to have the same impact from their desk, as from their kitchen table,” said Broner. “By allowing for a cloud to manage the data, communications, and users, businesses become less reliant on the need for employees to constantly be in the office at their desk hard wired into the network, they can begin to become mobile workers. Managing tasks, communications, and international relationships has never been easier, or more secure.”

According to Broner, there are four critical ingredients that can create successful teamwork:

  • Communication – There needs to be consistent communication between all parties within a team, not just top down communication.
  • Goal-setting – There has to be clear goal setting, and proper distribution of responsibilities so that everyone knows what they’re working towards.
  • Feedback – There needs to be a clear channel for effective feedback and review in order to progress and grow.
  • Planning – There must be effective planning so that all parties know their duties, and the team has a clear concept of the timeline.

Once all of these elements are present, teams will be in a much better position to achieve the desired outcomes. Of course, the use of the right communication and collaboration technologies is also crucial to truly transform workplace performance. Broner says: “Communication technologies help facilitate this process by allowing people to have access to all members in their company; by providing a digital audit trail so that users can always find their content and communications; by supporting multiple modalities of communication and collaboration; and by allowing users to accessible from anywhere at any time.”

Moxtra: More Than Just Messaging

Built by industry experts with veteran experience in the cloud and collaboration markets, Moxtra does more than just offer messaging capabilities. Platform-agnostic and device-agnostic, Moxtra powers collaboration for the mobile world. “Our leading product is our embeddable SDKs (Software Development Kits) and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces),” said Broner. “We enable encrypted and compliant collaboration inside of any mobile and web application.”moxtra company logo white

Moxtra’s SDK Platform delivers Moxtra’s full suite of collaboration services in one comprehensive module. Developers and businesses can tap Moxtra APIs and SDKs to transform existing applications (including e-learning, ERP, Financial, UC, and CRM tools, as well as native mobile apps) to provide built-in collaboration and boost mobile user engagement. Integration is quick, taking less than a day, and does not require upfront investment.

Some of the features developers can embed in their apps include:

  • One-on-one chat
  • Group messaging
  • File sharing
  • Document download
  • Push notifications
  • Document annotation
  • Document viewing
  • Integrated alerts
  • End to end encryption
  • Email integration
  • e-Signature and Approvals
  • Message queueing
  • Bidirectional unicode
  • Fully auditable
  • Synchronization
  • Edit recent messages
  • Send and receive pictures and videos
  • Voice messaging
  • Cloud storage + upload
  • Admin controls
  • Video Conferencing

By being able to leverage a technology partner like Moxtra, Broner says that the process of spending resources and time to build a custom solution has been minimized and cut down to almost nothing. “The ability to use APIs to enhance a solution can give an application a massive boost in performance, experience, and value overnight. And by using SDKs, the front end, not just the back end, is already built out,” he explained. “Moxtra’s SDKs includes the ability to seamlessly rebrand the components to easily fit inside of your application, without looking like 3rd party features.”

In addition to Moxtra’s embeddable APIs and SDKs, the company also offers an application that is native to iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and the web. The app is completely encrypted and can be white-labeled or rebranded out of the box to fit a company’s needs.  According to Broner: “The concept was an application that would combine all of the functions for virtual collaboration that were currently siloed: Messaging, e-mail, web meetings, and document collaboration are all typically housed in different applications under different licenses. Moxtra unites them all under one roof, with a clean user interface and a seamless workflow between the different functions of the application. Making it a truly unified communications solution.”

The Moxtra app features includes the following:

  • Persistent group messaging
  • Document sharing
  • Document annotation
  • e-Signature and approval
  • Clip Recording (proprietary voice and annotation recording creating an MP4 over content)
  • Live meetings with video conferencing
  • Screen sharing
  • Remote control/co-browsing

Whether it’s for strengthening internal and external collaboration, for the review and approval of workflows, or for general communications, companies can leverage Moxtra’s innovative solutions to unleash productivity and meet the needs of customers. “All the features of Moxtra are modular and can be integrated into an environment, as well as be hosted in our encrypted cloud, or on-premise,” said Broner.

To learn more about Moxtra and how it is transforming collaboration for organizations, please visit Moxtra’s website.


About Moxtra
Moxtra is a leader in mobile-first embeddable collaboration services. Founded in 2012 by the same team that created WebEx before its sale to Cisco, Moxtra boosts mobile user engagement and collaboration by extending existing apps with embedded collaboration technology. Their Collaboration SDK platform lets people work the way they want to. Moxtra’s mobile first, multi layered collaboration service is available through their channel and solution partners.

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