New Godzilla movie promises a radically different direction for the original kaiju

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The first trailer for the anime Godzilla: Monster Planet, coming to you on Netflix later this year.

A new Godzilla flick from Toho Studios is always cause for celebration, but Godzilla: Monster Planet is a next-level treat for kaiju and science fiction fans. The first in a planned three-movie anime series, Monster Planet takes the Big G in a bold new direction: the deep future.

The tireless fans at Tokusatsu Network have provided a quick translation of the film’s premise, which reinvents the Godzilla mythos just as much as Shin Godzilla did last year. The series begins with the premise that the kaiju menace has gotten so terrible by the late 20th century that humans have to leave the planet. So, in 2048, an AI “managed under the central government” picks a group of humans to board a generation ship bound for the Tau Ceti system.

Unfortunately, the planets orbiting Tau Ceti turn out to be uninhabitable. Soon, political infighting breaks out on the generation ship. Some humans want to return to Earth, while others think it will be too dangerous. Finally, a group of “Earth Returnists,” led by protagonist Haruo, forces the remnants of the human species to pilot the failing generation ship home.

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