Save Those Glasses! Next Eclipse Is In 2024

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You too can point at the next eclipse – in just seven years!

If you somehow missed the fact that a perfect solar eclipse drew a path across much of the United States yesterday, well, you really should invest in a radio. Eclipse-mania has been a much-talked about topic for the past many weeks, and social media posts begging for last-minute sources of eclipse glasses were quite common.

But don’t throw away those glasses and cereal boxes just yet! Despite the lengthy time since the previous solar eclipse, the next North American event will take place with far less of a wait. On April 8, 2024, another event will draw an arched path of totality from the west coast of Mexico to Maine. Shortly prior to that, an annular solar eclipse – which occurs when the moon is farther away from Earth and therefore cannot “blot out” the entire sun, creating the “ring of fire” effect – will take place in October of 2023.

Save Those Glasses! Next Eclipse Is In 2024

There was concern that even the president was unable to secure a pair of glasses, but it turns out he just decided to look at the sun … because.

Start booking

In the next major North American solar eclipse, most of the US will see at least some portion of the eclipse as it occurs, with the exception of Alaska, which is too far northwest to clearly see the phenomenon. Following the popularity of this week’s eclipse, it might be wise to stock up on all the remaining glasses and start booking your travel accommodations for cities like Dallas, Little Rock, Cleveland, Buffalo, Montreal, and Paducah, Kentucky.

Tech for the win

Of course, here’s hoping that Apple comes out with a fantastic viewing lens before the next major eclipse. Rumors about an iPhone NINE, anyone? In all seriousness, there are some pretty good photos circulating today from watchers who were able to use their smartphones and an adapted UV lens to take photos of the eclipse. Those who attempted to photograph it through a cheap pair of cardboard eclipse glasses got some mixed results, though.


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